du Tuesday 29 Octobre 2019 at 19h00 au Tuesday 29 Octobre 2019 at 20h30
ROLEX PARIS MASTERS From October 31th to November 8th, 2020
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Jack Sock : “It's a good Sunday for sure. The only thing that would make it better would be if the Kansas City Chiefs win today as well back home, my favorite NFL team. Incredible week. Hard to describe honestly. I don't think it's really hit or soaked in yet. But yeah, to come back from the deficit I was down in my first round, my first match here, and to have this trophy next to me now and talking to you guys has been an incredible achievement. I'm proud of myself for fighting and getting through some of those matches. You know, facing diversity at times. And just massive thanks to my team and to my family for all their support.  Then today, you know, had some anxious sleep last night and was excited to play today, but also, you know, when you want it so bad I came out not firing maybe as well as I was earlier in the week. And so was able to find that groove in the second and third and kind of turn things around.“

Filip Karjinovic : “I’m disappointed little bit. I lost energy, I lost a physical moment in the match. First game of the second set I shouldn't lose that easy. Then he started to play better and better and I didn't serve well today. I was not aggressive enough. I have to be against him. I have to stay on the line. I didn't do it today. But it was a great week for me. Well done for him. You know, I had two extra matches, tough matches. Played three sets, second round of quallies. Played three sets Mahut. Played three sets Isner. So especially me it was also a lot of emotions here. But when I look back, I only can be happy.“

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